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About Lil' Valley

It all started with my eldest daughter. One day my little girl was upset. I sat on the grass outside our house cuddling her. I saw a little round pebble on the ground, picked it up and gave it to my girl. She held it in her hand dearly and still has it now after 3 years.  She now has a collection of nature items from rocks to sticks and shells.... anything you can find from outside.  She would come home from school with her pockets filled with rocks. For some reason, she is attracted to these natural items and finds the need to collect them. I gave her some crystals and she was over the moon!


"Helping you reconnect with nature"


Nature is a wonderful energy that allows one to open up, relax and recharge.

Here at Lil' Valley, we understand that it is not always easy to go out and connect yourself with nature. You are cooped up in the office cubicle, too many errands to run, too much work to do. So, if you can't be out there, why not bring nature inside. We are here to help you infuse some nature into your inside world. Our mission is to assist you to reconnect with nature by bringing you nature in various forms. We believe that little things in life matter, no matter how small. All big things have small beginnings.

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