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When you receive a new crystal, it is important to cleanse and recharge it as it may hold vibrations (both positive and negative) of their surrounding. You should also cleanse your crystals if they have not been used or left sitting for some time. There are different ways you can clean your crystals:
- Hold under cold running tap water
- Soak in salt water
- Smudge in smoke of burning sage
- Place under sunlight or moonlight for at least 4 hours (recharges crystals)
- Place on top of Clear Quartz or Selenite


You will need to give your crystal intentions. Think of it as programming and activating your crystal. Hold it in your hands and reflect on your highest vibration or your faith or belief. Think about the goal you want to achieve. It can be a general intention eg. "Keep my vibration positive and protect me from the harm or negative energies". Or you can be specific about what you want, when and why. Emphasise by repeating your intentions a few times. When you are done, express your gratitude and keep the crystal close to you. You can wear it, keep it in your pocket or bag, or place it in a place where you can see it regularly.


Crystals need to be treated with care to maintain their colour, shape and surfaces. Some crystals can dissolve in water, therefore it not suitable for cleansing using water. Use other form of cleansing eg. smudging, sun or moon light or place on top of other cleansing crystals. Wrap crystals in silk or velvet cloth to prevent scratches and protect against absorption of negative energies.



These are some simple tips on using and maintaining your crystals. Share with us your crystal caring tips by commenting below.


  • Beautiful way to cleanse your Crystal’s is to place them in a buddha bowl and chime it to sing. The sound vibration cleanses them beautifully. Can’t be a teeny bowl.
  • Great blog entry! I personally love cleansing under the full moon – so much energy to be harnessed. However a quick cleanse that can be done any time is with the smoke from sage. Very important process, thanks for the tips.

    Abbey Roper

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