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Angelite Tumble Stone

Angelite Tumble Stone

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1 x Angelite tumbled stone

Size: 2 - 3 cm

Supplied with a crystal info card



Chakra: Third eye, throat

Zodiac sign: Aquarius


Stone of awareness, Angelite contains gentle and supportive energy of the angels.  It facilitates contact with the angelic realm and guides the body on a spiritual journey while remaining grounded on everyday reality. Angelite helps disperse unpleasant things in life and solidify positive state and mind.  It is particularly useful for a committed person who has reached an ideal point in their journey and would like to make things permanent. Filled with compassion, Angelite can heal psychological pain and disorder, and create peace and tranquillity to make one feel whole again. Use Angelite for any throat ailment as well as bone and joint issues.  Also useful for balancing fluids in the body and assists in weight control. A great stone for the re-birthing process and raising awareness to the universal knowledge.


Please note: You will receive one stone selected intuitively. Crystals are natural products, therefore it is normal to have imperfections. All crystals are randomly shaped and no two pieces are alike. Even though the healing powers of crystal have been proven, it should not be used as a substitute to medical advice. Always consult a medical health professional for any physical or mental health issues.