Aroma Scent Pod & BLISS Oil Blend Gift Pack

Aroma Scent Pod & BLISS Oil Blend Gift Pack

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Aromatherapy Scent Pod Gift Pack x 1

Consist of one Scent pod and a 12ml bottle of BLISS Blend essential oil packaged in a giftbox.

Makes great gifts!


Banksia Grandis seed pod soaks up your favourite essential oils and slowly releases the aroma through its pores.

Totally natural and portable, no flames or electricity required.

Each aroma pod is completely different and unique, and can be filled with any oil you like.

Your aroma pod comes pre-tested and pre-filled with Pure Australian Eucalyptus oil.

Just add your own favourite oil when you receive it and you can start enjoying it straight away. It's that easy!

The BEST natural oil diffuser!


Important information: Due to quarantine regulations, we are unable to ship air plant products to NT, WA and TAS as well as New Zealand.