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Fossil Bowl
Fossil Bowl
Fossil Bowl

Fossil Bowl

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1 x Orthoceras Fossil Bowl / Dish

Size: Approximately 11cm diameter

The Orthoceras, a 400-million-year-old fossil, was a cephalopod which resembles an ancient form of squid with a shell. These shells are buried deep in the oceans' floor and over time, slowly fossilised into the stone we have today.

These fossils have been carved and polished into stunning bowls which are great for displaying. It also makes a great jewellery or trinket dish. Perfect for placing your little crystals by the bedside or desk.




These fossils remind us that light always follows darkness, and that to embrace change. It assists you in moving forward, from the old ways into new possibilities. To be innovative and to introduce quality life. Fossils can help you understand the process of change and assist you in your journey in transition, transformation and personal growth.


Please note: You will receive one bowl selected intuitively. Due to the natural qualities of the fossil formations, patterns and colours will vary. All fossils are naturally formed and no two pieces are alike.